Eredi Boffi

Precision Metalwork

Manufacture of metal precision made from sheets or coils that are laser-cut, then folded and assembled. The processed materials ranging from steel to aluminum 304-316-409-430 steel from iron to copper and its alloys. Every job has its own Worksheet and during the processing run a series of controls established according to a plan drawn up by the Quality Manager.

On the products is carried out, depending on requirements, hot dip galvanizing, zinc plating, and painting.

Through the use of sophisticated and automated equipment and systems such as laser cutting and robot welding, the support of highly qualified certified welding required, we can create articles on the size of a shoebox up to 3 cubic meters of tanks capacity.

We build structures in iron and steel, designed by the customer, using HP and HPIE that mount in situ; tinned copper connections of various sizes, bent and curved, electrical iron or aluminum foil, of all sizes , complete with handle and lock.

Working on design

Working on drawing

We build structures in iron and steel, to customer drawings ...

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